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My approach to capturing imagery and documenting my experiences is simple, it's from the heart, I live in the moment and remember, in Gods eyes were all created equally. It doesn't matter what side of the camera you're on.

I have over 30 years of photography and videography experience. This includes wedding, portrait, travel, nature photography, and photojournalism. With all of this rolled into one, I have a unique ability to work quickly and thoroughly with great results. During my years of capturing imagery, I have learned how to "get" the shot. Not only from a technical and artistic stand point, but also from an ethical point. In other words, the means don't justify the end. Capturing great photos aren't rewarding if the subject is upset in the process, and leaving me with a feeling of a stolen image. As an artist, I have a good sense of "where things belong". I apply this to composition, lighting and even where I should physically be to capture images. With the change to digital, "lost shots" are now salvageable and gives me greater flexibility to work images and video in post production. I also apply "where things belong" to my writing. Simple and heart felt travel stories written in a style that intrigues and captivates the reader, stories with life lessons that I share with my children, Koen & Kane.



2017-08-07 (16)

Habitat for Humanity, Global Village program, Mytho Vietnam 2014




Gregory J. Productions is a non-profit, media-journalism company, specializing in high-quality photography and videography with heart felt travel stories. The goal is to produce material for charitable, non-profit and volunteer organizations to raise awareness for their cause.  Vietnam is my first major project. As time goes on, Guatemala will be my next destination, then to a location in the US. 

People, photography, travel and volunteer work are my passion. Last year I watched a documentary video for Food for the Poor in Guatemala, produced by Russ Reid Co of Canada.  This video moved me so much that I had an epiphany, my striking realization of purpose, and in an instant, I knew what I was meant to do.  The video link is shared below.  My hope is that you too may be inspired to serve others. 

Food for the Poor / Russ Reid Company: Angela Story (Guatemala)   https://vimeo.com/83044940




Meet the Team

Greg & David have a unique opportunity to work together on this media-journalism volunteer based project. With a perfect match of enthusiasm, talent, and passion, the team's goal is to make a direct impact and increase volunteer opportunities in Vietnam.


Founder of  Gregory J. Productions

Inspired to create and serve, Greg brings a passion for his craft. Through volunteer work and mixed media, Greg brings a unique perspective to his experiences. With the ability to create stunning photography and video with heartfelt stories through immersion, Greg hopes to inspire people to travel,  volunteer and make a difference.




Founder of Vina Volunteer Service

Vina Volunteer Service (VVS) Ltd is the first company in Vietnam who bring variety of volunteer placements for volunteers with the hope that he can support for the community development and natural conservation. David is a young, energetic well educated young man. As a well trained and experienced private tour guide, David has traveled to 53 of all 63 provinces in Vietnam.   https://vietnamvolunteer.net


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